CBD Oil Cancer Dosage

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CBD Oil Cancer Dosage

Most people know that cannabinoids are therapeutic to many serious ailments.  Although the use of medical marijuana for cancers remains controversial, CBD has surprisingly attracted growing interest from researchers over the past few years.

Therapeutic Uses of CBD for Cancer

Due to the some of the undesirable effects associated with conventional cancer treatments, many individuals have started thinking about the potential therapeutic effects of CBD and other available treatment therapies.

A great advantage of medical marijuana and CBD Dosages over conventional cancer therapies is that it usually doesn’t harm healthy cells therefore not lowering the patient’s quality of life. Studies have even proved that medical marijuana is as effective and also potentiates the effects of conventional cancer therapies.

Although dosing with CBD have not been totally accepted as an alternative in the treatment options, there have been a few research that has yielded positive results to prove the therapeutic abilities of CBD for cancer.

However, study carried out on rat and mice by the National Cancer Institute, proved that medical marijuana has anti-tumor properties. This research showed that the abnormal growth of cells and blood vessels that tumors require are blocked leading to the death of harmful cells. Although these studies were carried out on mice, they are surely promising and indicative of the therapeutic effects of CBD on cancer cells.

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Is Dosing with CBD Truly a cure for Cancer?

Marijuana is made up of about hundreds of cannabinoids, and these inexorably indicate treatment prospects for cancer.

Several clinical investigations by experts have found out that CBD Dosages can be effective in treating different kinds of cancer.

Cannabinoid receptors, CB1, and CB2 which are binding sites of CBD are possibly effective against cancer cells. This therapeutic effect occurs mainly due to the inhibition of the abnormal growth of cancer cells by preventing them from metastasizing and also by preventing the formation of more blood vessels for cancer cells.

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Apoptosis is initiated by the activity of the cannabinoids to fight cancer cells. This implies that cannabinoids create a cellular machinery where healthy cells eliminate unhealthy cells that could be cancerous. Other effects of CBD in cancerous cells is that they cause the cells that are infected to (in a sense) commit suicide.

However, it should be noted that in as much as CBD Dosages can be employed in the treatment of cancer, it must, in any case, be advised that THC (in contrast) can suppress the immune system in some patients, prompting the proliferation of cancer cells. In this manner, more clinical investigations should be done with the general outlook on cannabinoids to cancer that is impeccably safe in preventing and treating different forms of cancers in different patients.

CBD have been proven to be therapeutic in various ailments, and cancer is not an exception. Fortunately, research is constantly being carried out to mine from the goldmine of cannabinoids. For example, a study carried out in 2011 proved that Cannabinoids are actually killing of breast cancer cells without additionally having the undesirable effect of killing healthy cells, unlike conventional cancer therapy.  Although this study was particularly done on breast cancer cells, it also looks good for different kinds of cancer.

CBD Oil Dosage for Cancer

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However, limited critical human trials on which cancers respond to the treatment of cannabinoids has slowed down the process of getting cannabinoids on the list of official cancer treatment options.

While cannabinoids are far from being considered a treatment for cancer, it has certainly proven to be successful in treating many forms of cancer as well as potentiating the effects of chemotherapy. As studies continue to be intensified, there is light at the end of the tunnel.